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Delivering on a Promise: To Serve and Protect

May 6-8 in Quebec City, BC, Canada

Hilton Quebec



The Evolution of Excellence

May 15-17 in Kelowna, BC, Canada

Delta Grand Okanagan



Strategic Policing: The Future in the Present

May 2-3 in Richmond Hill, ON, Canada

Sheraton Parkway Hotel

The theme of the sixth annual conference was "Strategic Policing: The Future in the Present" highlighted the growing importance of utilizing a strategic approach in leading your organization and in managing your career. In addition to highly respected police chiefs, private sector presenters offered their perspectives on executive issues that were common to both the private and public sectors. This conference also highlighted major case studies, providing delegates with an in depth analysis of situations that went right and why they were successful.



Executive Career Development: Executive Challenges in the Global Environment

April 19-21 in Halifax, NS, Canada

Marriott Harbourfront Hotel

This fifth annual conference became truly an international event as delegates from seventeen countries came to Halifax to participate in the conference with its theme “Executive Challenges in the Global Environment”. Keynote speakers and panel members addressed the four sub-themes of the global environment, organizational realities of the future, labour issues, and work-life balance by drawing on personal experiences and providing delegates with strategies for success.


Executive Career Development: Doing It Right The First Time

May 4-6 in Montreal, QC, Canada

Hyatt Regency Montreal

Continuing a tradition of what now is regarded as, the annual 'must attend' leadership conference for police and law enforcement executives, this conference brought together yet another high profile international speaker's list. Among the 28 public and private speakers, we had the privilege to hear from executives including: Lt. Col. Ret'd James L. Vance, FBI ACADEMY; Sheriff Leroy Baca, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department; Superintendent Colin Campbell, Queensland Police Service, Australia; Deputy Chief Michael Perler, Swiss Federal Criminal Police and Commission William J. Elliott, Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

This roster, representing more than 8 countries, spoke of the importance of addressing key executive issues in a positive and successful manner. They shared personal experiences on issues such as their relationships with police associations, dealing with civil unrest, career development, personal financial stewardship, and organization morale.

"Doing it Right the First Time" was the result of many dedicated policing associations that joined together to support this valuable initiative; including the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, L'association des directeurs de police du Quebec, Surete du Quebec, and the Canadian Association of Police Boards. It is also from the tremendous support of the Service de police de la Ville de Montreal, the host department, that resulted in yet another successful conference.



Executive Leadership: Preparing for Tomorrow

May 4-6 in Toronto, ON, Canada

Hilton Hotel Toronto

After two successful years, the third annual International Summit for Police and Peace Officer Executives took place in Toronto in May, 2007. The Summit theme, "Executive Leadership: Preparing for Tomorrow", highlighted the global and dynamic nature of today's criminal activity and the executive leadership skills required for success. Sponsors for the event included CPMS, the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, Toronto Police Service, Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Delta Police Department, Canadian Association of Police Boards, Alberta Association of Chiefs of Police and Halifax Regional Police. 

Over thirty presenters from Canada, the United States, Ireland, France and beyond shared their experience about emerging issues such as global threats and local enforcement, building better organizational cultures to fight crime, threats against our social fabric, contract protection, sharing power and career building.



Finding Solutions: Growing Your Career in Times of Crisis

June 14-16 in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

Built on the tremendous success of the 2005 conference, in 2006, Canadian Professional Management Services Inc. partnered again with the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the British Columbia Association of Chiefs of Police, the Vancouver Police Department, the Delta Police Department, the Alberta Association of Chiefs of Police, and the Canadian Association of Police Boards to offer police and peace officer executives a conference where solutions to unimaginable circumstances were shared. 

Keynote speakers representing 8 countries spoke candidly about their solutions to catastrophic events within their communities and jurisdictions. Once again, delegates had the intimate opportunity to hear and learn from theses highly publicized policing executives as their decisions and results are scrutinized by their departments, their boards, the media and the public. "Finding Solutions; revealed the truths behind these courageous individuals as they serve and protect their communities.



Leading in Times of Crisis

May 25-27 in Calgary, AB, Canada

Telus Convention Centre

In 2005, Canadian Professional Management Services Inc. in conjunction with the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, the Alberta Association of Chiefs of Police, the Delta Police Department, the Canadian Association of Police Boards, and the Calgary Police Service hosted the first international conference for police & peace officer leaders & executives of its kind.The conference featured an international roster of speakers from seven different countries who provided a rich cross section of experiences and strategies as they addressed issues that are creating career-threatening problems for "Chiefs Under Fire." 

Over 250 delegates from around the world learned proactive and preventative strategies to guard and protect their own careers from these fatal eventualities. Policing executives must learn to stay "out of the line of fire," and with this conference, they learned how to better bulletproof their careers, while leading their department in times of crisis.