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2009 Sponsors and Exhibitors

Note: Exhibitors are in alphabetical order

3SI Security Systems
Brian Abraham
866-689-4006  P

3SI Security Systems is the world leader in cash protection and loss recovery systems. The company, headquartered in Exton, Pennsylvania, has had a Canadian presence for more than 30 Years. A cross-Canada network of certified technicians are available to promptly serve Customers and provide ongoing support to law enforcement professionals.

More than 72% of cash losses are recovered following a robbery through use of SecurityPac.
The sophisticated Electronic Satellite Pursuit system allows Customers to partner with law enforcement to 'Lock On and Track Down' criminals within minutes of an offence.
3SI Security Systems also protects Automatic Banking Machines against theft and forced entry.
Innovative technology is available as well, to afford protection Armored Car personnel through use of "SecuriTrans".

For more information, call our Canadian office toll free at (866) 689-4006.
3SI Security Systems: Solutions, Service, Satisfaction


Dawn Starling
+44(0)115-977-6999  P
+44(0)115-977-6850  F

ABM is a specialist provider of covert intelligence solutions for Law Enforcement organizations worldwide. Customers include law enforcement agencies such as Pennsylvania State Police, Western Australia Police and The Metropolitan Police, in London, UK.

Key product offerings include the ground breaking covert intelligence management suite, abmpegasus™. This modular system provides a cutting edge solution for managing covert policing, including source (confidential informant) management, undercover operations, surveillance, witness protection and information in confidence. Additionally, ABM’s Intellicase provides a comprehensive Case Management solution for recording and investigating crime incidents. With many years of law enforcement experience, ABM’s software delivers dramatic efficiency increases, reduces bureaucracy, promotes information sharing, and helps to ensure legal compliance and to manage risks to the public and the agency.

ABM’s solutions are developed in close partnership with law enforcement customers, thus addressing their needs across crime and terrorism business areas. With stories of information leaks, security breaches, and corruption hitting the headlines and law courts, the need to adopt ABM’s secure and effective solutions has never been more pressing.


Natasha Daley
800-574-5199 X836  P
801-765-4370  F

AccessData has pioneered digital investigations for more than twenty years, providing the technology and training that empower law enforcement, government agencies and corporations to perform thorough computer investigations of any kind with speed and efficiency. Recognized throughout the world as an industry leader, AccessData delivers court-validated, state-of-the-art computer forensic, password cracking and decryption solutions. AccessData's Forensic Toolkit® and enterprise investigative solutions enable organizations to preview, search for, analyze, process and forensically preserve electronic evidence for the purposes of criminal and internal investigations, incident response, eDiscovery and information assurance. AccessData was rated "Positive" in Gartner's annual report, MarketScope E‐Discovery Software Product Vendors, 2008. In addition, AccessData is a leading provider of digital forensics training and certification with its much sought after AccessData Certified Examiners® (ACE®) program. For more information on AccessData visit www.accessdata.com.


Accident Support Services International Ltd
Steve Sanderson
416-745-3301  P
416-745-5555  F
Facilitating centralized collision reporting to Police & Insurers, no cost to Police or taxpayers. Reduce traffic congestion & minimize risk of secondary collisions. Police reallocate manpower & operating costs to higher priority needs. Improve response times & traffic charges with proactive enforcement. Increase "No Insurance" & "False Statement" charges. Photo imaging of damage & "Reported to Police" stickers help reduce insurance fraud. Our Microsoft Award winning Collision Reporting & Occurrence Management System (CROMS) electronically captures collision details & Geocode Mapping captures exact crash latitude and longitude. CROMS can store and transfer scanned documents & pictures, and contains edit triggers to generate investigation notification. The centralized database matches data from different locations and jurisdictions. Our services are flexible to meet the needs of each community regardless of size.

APARC Systems Ltd.
Simon Talbot
604-276-4500  P

TICKETMANAGER™, from APARC Systems Ltd. has quickly evolved into the World’s leading real-time, wireless ticketing solution. With the power of real-time connectivity, TicketManager™ has revolutionized the way Police and Law Enforcement handle their electronic ticketing issuance and administration. Under its founder (Robert Ziola), APARC has seen The City of Toronto embrace our TicketManager™ solution, where (300+) handhelds have been introduced to improve the productivity of the City’s Police Services. Eliminate the error-prone systems of the past, improve operations and see a better way of doing business. This is our goal, as we “Partner for Success” to improve our clients businesses.


Breeze Facilities Solutions
Rick McFadden
705-423-9663  P

Breeze Facilities Solutions is an established and renowned consulting firm specializing in using technological solutions to ensure employee competency in both domestic and international markets. Breeze was established in 2003 with a clear business plan to provide innovative software solutions to address risk management, due diligence and client training needs.

The Breeze motto of Inspiring Solutions Together is the hallmark of our approach to working with our clients. This client centered approach allows us to deliver innovative solutions customized to our client’s goals and objectives. Our comprehensive range of services includes expertise and the development of:
Employee competency tools, Recruitment solutions, Training gap analysis and tracking, Security and Emergency planning, Operational Reviews, Human Resources Consulting, Health and Safety Consulting, Executive Coaching, Quality Assurance models.

Contact us: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it        Telephone: 705-423-9663


Brother Mobile Solutions, INC
Joe Spahn

The Pentax Imaging Company Printer Division is now a part of The Brother Group. Our new name is Brother Mobile Solutions, Inc.  The combined product lines strengthen our offering to customers needing mobile and portable printing and scanning solutions.  Included are the MPrint family of ultra-portable printers which produce professional-quality, 300 dpi output on A6 and A7 size cut sheet notepaper and 2-ply carbon copy sheets.  Additionally, we offer the rugged 200-dpi PocketJet and 300-dpi PocketJet Plus printers for letter and legal-size forms, plus the DSmobile 600 portable USB color scanner.  The printers offer both cable and wireless interface options. PocketJets have become the de-facto standard for in-vehicle printing in squad cars and other public safety applications across the US!


California University of Pennsylvania
412-565-2328  P
412-565-5082  F

California University of Pennsylvania, Middle States Accredited, 156 years young, part of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, is proud to offer undergraduate and graduate programs in Legal Studies with graduate tracks in Law and Public Policy, Homeland Security and Criminal Justice. Programs are ONLINE and delivered in a flexible and quality environment for busy adults seeking professional advancement. Anytime, anywhere, Cal U delivers unrivaled academic programs for working professionals.  Cal U also offers an ONLINE Certificate in Homeland Security through the Institute of Law and Public Policy. 

 Cal U's Master in Legal Studies: Law and Public Policy track is directed at those who labor in law, beyond the usual targets of judges and lawyers, and delivers a highly sophisticated legal education that leads to greater levels of understanding and responsibility. The Homeland Security program prepares supervisory personnel in Homeland Security Procedures, Intelligence, Terrorism and Threat Assessment.  It allows justice professionals, health specialists and legal specialists, to concentrate on the methodology of security in this narrow context.  Visit http://www.cup.edu/go for additional information.


Canadian Firearms Program - Royal Canadian Mounted Police
613-825-0284  P
613-825-0315  F

The RCMP Canadian Firearms Program’s (CFP)  role is to enhance public safety by providing police and other organizations with expertise and information vital to the prevention and investigation of firearms crime in Canada and internationally.  It compliments this by overseeing the administration of the Canadian Firearms Act and, as a multi-departmental and multi-jurisdictional program, provides direct support to all domestic and international police services relative to firearms.

Operationally, the CFP helps combat the illicit movement of firearms and provides investigative support and training to police and the criminal justice system.  It oversees universal licensing of firearms users, their continual risk assessment as well as national firearms storage, safety, and training standards. The program is the source of firearms information for front-line police and a vital contributor in the efforts of governments and police agencies to enhance public safety.


Cobham Surveillance
Alana Burbidge
902-468-3007  P
902-468-3009  F

Cobham Surveillance has more than 40 years’ experience providing products and integrated surveillance solutions to law enforcement and government agencies. Surveillance capabilities include innovative audio, video, tracking, locating, covert surveillance, and search and rescue solutions for land, airborne, marine and special purpose applications. Agencies depend on Cobham’s array of overt and covert surveillance equipment – using it to intercept, track, locate, monitor and record subjects ranging from vehicles and packages to people and high profile infrastructures.

In urban, suburban and maritime environments, Cobham Surveillance equipment enables officers to monitor telephone, internet and wireless traffic, and is the industry standard for covert tracking. Information can be gathered through a broad range of visual and audio sensors, and recorded to an evidential standard for subsequent use in prosecution. Cobham’s unique capability to transmit and receive information in difficult electronic environments on land, sea and air is in high demand. It is also critical for first responders such as the fire, police and ambulance services.

Product lines include Orion surveillance solutions, designed and manufactured in Nova Scotia since 1975.


Correctional Service Canada
Chantal Guérette
613-996-9107  P
613-995-7647  F

Correctional Service Canada (CSC) is enhancing Canadian public safety by ensuring that its partners get the required information they are entitled to on a timely basis. CSC is improving its information sharing capabilities through innovative technological solutions that allow for essential information to be communicated to the right people, at the right time. The new initiatives have allowed for a closer bond between government and criminal justice organizations; a feat which can only serve to benefit Canadian citizens with its promise of greater security. To find out about CSC's information sharing initiatives with its various criminal justice partners, come visit our booth! 

Correctional Service Canada (CSC) shares information with police about offenders under conditional release and those who are unlawfully at large. These exchanges are now handled electronically with the help of InfoPol, a software developed by CSC.


Ryan Lufkin
801-828-2721  P
801-998-3093  F
CrimeReports.com provides web-based crime mapping, alerting, and analytics tools to law enforcement agencies. Citizens can access official crime data through an online crime mapping application and receive free email alerts. CrimeReports.com also provides law enforcement agencies access to powerful crime analytics tools though Command Central, a web-based service that manages, tracks, and analyzes incident-level crime, providing relevant and detailed charts, graphs, maps, and other visualizations that support CompStat style analysis. CrimeReports.com is live with over 400 agencies nationwide and requires no additional infrastructure. At an affordable price, most agencies can be up and running in less than a day.

Cross Match Technologies, Inc.
561-493-7358 P
561-622-9938 F

Genesis Enterprise

Gravel Agency

I/O Solutions
888-7841290  P

Kinwood Multimedia
Shawna Atkins
905-812-9663  P
905-812-9116  F

For almost 20 years Kinwood Multimedia has been Canada’s largest stocking distributor of blank recording media. In addition to the wide range of packaging and accessory items, Kinwood provides manufacturing, duplication, replication, silk-screening, warehousing and fulfillment services.

Kinwood continues to meet the demands of the police services throughout Canada, offering customized products to meet your individual department requirements and media for the use of archiving, surveillance, interviews and much more!

Kinwood brings vast experience and knowledge of this industry to your service and continues to provide individualized cost-effective solutions. Feel free to browse our website www.kinwood.com


Law Enforcement Testing Company, Inc.
Henry Morse
863-815-8287  P

Lion Apparel

Malley Industries Inc.
Thomas W.L. Nisbett
506-859-8591  P
506-857-1745  F

Marathon Engineering Corporation
239-303-7378 P
239-303-7364 F

Marathon Engineering Corporation, manufacturer of Gold Medal Safety Padding®, has an unparalleled history of providing owners with safe, durable, and easily maintained padded environments. Gold Medal Safety Padding® is specially formulated providing protection in a variety of applications such as jails, prisons, hospitals, detention facilities, mental health facilities, time out rooms in schools, holding rooms in courts, airports, animal stalls, or other areas where safety and protection are needed.

Marathon has utilized modern technology coupled with three decades of experience to refine Gold Medal Safety Padding®. The manufacturing and installation process provides the highest quality product at the most economical cost. Gold Medal Safety Padding® is installed by our trained Installation Specialists. Gold Medal Safety Padding® is uniform, smooth, and the non-slip surface is fungus resistant. Since the finished padded rooms are completely seamless, it can easily be cleaned. Most importantly Gold Medal Safety Padding® provides maximum safety as: (1) its chemical composition makes it virtually indestructible to attempts to rip, tear or, gouge, and (2) fire tests have proved it to be self-extinguishing. Our product assures the protection of individuals with the propensity to inflect self-harm, violent detainees and drug and alcohol influenced patients and inmates. Gold Medal Safety Padding® has been used throughout the world for over 30 years


M.D. Charlton Co. Ltd.
Joe Martindale
905-625-9846  P
905-625-3538  F

M.D. CHARLTON COMPANY is one of the largest law enforcement equipment distributors in Canada and is incorporated in the provinces of  British Columbia and Ontario. For over 30 years we have been providing our customers with quality equipment and honest, unexcelled service.

Our head office is located in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, with a large warehouse, machine shop, and walk-in retail store. Other locations include a large retail store in Vancouver, BC, a warehouse and walk-in retail store in Mississauga, Ontario, with authorized dealers in Quebec and the Maritimes.

In addition to our normal day to day sales, the company is contracted to do firearms training and firearms servicing with departments. We also contract out to major corporations to train for firearms for bear protection and for predator control. We profide training in the use of Chemical Munitions, O.C. (pepper spray), Distraction Devices and Specialty Impact Munitions, Taser and ASP. We now offer high quality custom law enforcement clothing and workwear through our newest division, MDC Tactical Force Clothing located in Mississauga.


Meggitt Training Systems Canada
Jean-Roch Garneau
613-271-8439  P
613-271-4337  F

National Association of School Resource Officers
Richard Caster
651-789-2850  P
651-789-0445 F

The National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO) is a not-for-profit organization for school based law enforcement officers, school administrators, and school security/safety professionals working as partners to protect students, school faculty and staff and the schools they attend. The true and tested strength in the School Resource Officer program is that it is much more than a curriculum. The SRO Concept can easily be adapted to the needs of ANY community, desiring safe schools, and effective community partnerships.
NASRO is committed to providing the absolute best training available for School Based Law Enforcement Officers and School Administrators across the country.  We have been in the business of training SROs since 1991, and it is our goal to continue providing the most up-to-date information and resources available.  NASRO offers a wide variety of training opportunities, including Basic and Advanced SRO Courses, Active Shooter Response, Interview and Interrogation Techniques for the SRO and much more.
For more information, go to www.nasro.org or call 888-316-2776.


Bob Koblovsky
888-675-8255 X13  P

OSL Solutions, located in Ottawa, provides a scheduling, HR management solution designed for the complex environments typical of most Police Forces.

Automated Time and Attendance: Manage Complex Organization and Collective Bargaining Rules, Element Paper based environment through workflow management, Automated Employee Scheduling and Attendance management, Precise Leave and Accrual Management, Automate Vacancy Scheduling, Integrate with existing HR and Payroll systems

Human Resources / Talent Management: Essential tools to track employee data, Comprehensive employee information management, Employee performance management, Detailed suite of employee oriented reports, Integrated employee communications, Training and development skills management

Additional Features: Fully integrated Quarter Master / Inventory Control, Complete Training management feature, Web Module for easy employee access, Shift Commander Master Roster, Integration with third party Time Capture Devices


Bruno Potvin
450-446-7060  P
450-446-7523  F

Priority Dispatch Corp.
800-363-9127   P
Priority Dispatch Corp. (PDC) provides comprehensive, integrated solutions for Police, Fire and Medical emergency dispatching. We incorporate the National Academies of Emergency Dispatch approved Priority Dispatch System® in all our products. PDC offers multi-agency emergency dispatching ProQA® Software, as well as a card-set version, AQUA® quality improvement software, training, consulting, and Academy accreditation support. Ask the right questions. Get the right answers. Send the best response.

Rail Safety - Transport Canada

Gary Drouin
613-998-1893  P
613-990-7767  F

Every year in Canada lives are lost needlessly as a result of people taking shortcuts across railway lines while going from their homes to activities such as school or jobs, shopping or fishing, or simply to the nearest coffee shop for a quick break. Come to our Transport Canada Railway Safety booth so you can learn how we can work in partnership to reduce risks, to save lives and to make your communities safer.

International Peace Operations Branch

613-990-2492  P

Red Dynamix

Elyse Goulet
819-541-0500 X35  P
819-276-0541  F

Rescue 7 Inc

John Collie
905-474-0770  P
905-474-2724  F

Since 1998, Rescue 7 Inc has been the Canadian Leader in assisting our clients in reducing incident rates, helping meet their statutory obligations and most importantly saving lives. We aim to minimize risks and associated costs by providing quality and professional training and consulting services that foster the safest environment possible. Our team of 'front of the line' training and development staff focuses on training your employees in the areas of health, safety, and environmental issues. All our programs achieve compliance with regulatory requirements, as we are federally certified through HRSDC (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada), Health Canada and the Ontario Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB). Our various First Aid, CPR and AED training courses all meet the Canadian Heart & Stroke Foundation (CHSF) Guidelines. As of January 2008, Rescue 7 was awarded the exclusive First Aid provider for the Ontario Provincial Police.

Royal Roads University

250.391.2600  X4155  P
250-391-2548  F

Royal Roads University is the only public university in Canada exclusively devoted to meeting the immediate needs of working professionals. We pioneered the best model of learning by combining short on-campus residencies with team-based online learning to enable you to maintain your life and get ahead in your career. Our applied and professional programs are developed in collaboration with industry experts and taught by leading practitioners ensuring current and immediately applicable knowledge and skills. For those who wish to quickly complete an undergraduate degree, we also offer an intensive on-campus model that combines years three and four of a bachelor's degree in 12 months.

Sani Sport

Bryson McDonald
514-382-1140  P
514-382-8249  F

As the first technology in the marketplace to address the issue of bacteria and odors in protective equipment, Sani Sport is proud to be the recognized leader in the field. The Sani Sport machine uses a patented process to kill over 99.9% of all bacteria in protective equipment used by athletes, military and law enforcement personnel. The bacteria found in the equipment could lead to the development of potentially dangerous staph infections such as Methicillin Resistant Staphyloccus Aureus (MRSA).

The Sani Sport is currently being used by the United States Department of Homeland Security, Canadian Armed Forces, Corrections Canada, as well as several police forces. These agencies use the Sani Sport machine to sanitize all protective equipment worn by their personnel such as ballistic vests and helmets.

Our technology is currently being used by more than four times as many professional sports teams compared to all other machines combined. The Sani Sport machine has also been designated as the official equipment-sanitizing machine of the National Hockey League. We hold numerous patents as well as the prestigious UL safety certification.


Santa Cruz Gun Locks

603-746-7740  P
603-746-7764  F



Strath Craft Limited

519-686-1891  P
519-686-8016  F



Susteen Corporation Inc

949-789-8221  P
949-341-0008  F



Ultra Electronics

Neil Leadbeater
902-461-3310 P

Ultra Electronics is a focused aerospace and defence company that specializes in innovative, niche technologies for civil defence and military customers. The hallmark of Ultra's success in the civil defence market has been its ability to harness synergies between its market niches in order to provide cohesive and comprehensive security and surveillance solutions that are customized to meet customer requirements.

As part of its security solutions offerings, Ultra provides Atlas Ops; a software-based, multi-user enabled incident management solution that allows users to construct operational plans in order to deal with security issues and allows them to manage incidents once they occur. Developed with the direct input of the London Metropolitan Police, Atlas Ops functions as an electronic whiteboard that is overlaid on GIS data. Atlas allows multiple users to map, modify and view the same operational picture while communicating with one another through the system. Asset movements are captured in real time which results in an up-to-date and current situational awareness picture for on-scene commanders. The system also provides a plume modeling capability that simulates the fallout of hazardous materials in prevailing meteorological conditions and how they will affect a wider area.


WHELEN Engineering Co Inc

Malcolm Leslie
905-878-8457  P
905-878-0877  F

Whelen designs and manufactures vehicular visual and audible warning equipment including LED strobe and halogen lightbars, beacons, power supplies, sirens and secondary lighting products. Whelen products are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.



519-740-7320  P



ZOLL Medical Corporation

Denise Nystrom
978-421-9655  P
978-421-0025  F

ZOLL Medical Corporation designs, manufactures, markets, and sells non-invasive resuscitation devices, including automatic external defibrillators. Used by public safety professionals, ZOLL's The AED Plus® with Real CPR HelpT allows rescuers to see and hear how well they perform the rate and depth of CPR chest compressions. This instantaneous feedback makes the AED Plus the only AED that supports the complete Chain of Survival, helping rescuers treat nearly every sudden cardiac arrest victim.