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2010 Sponsors and Exhibitors

Note: Exhibitors are in alphabetical order

EADS Secure Networks North America
Official Dinner Banquet Sponsor
Paul Martin
National Director
EADS Secure Networks North America - Canada
Tel: 613-230-3902 ext. 226
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Web: www.eads-ps.com

Cobham Surveillance
Reception Sponsor
Alana Burbidge
Canadian Sales Manager
Tel: 902-468-3007
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Fax: 902-468-3009
Web: www.cobham.com/surveillance

Cobham Surveillance has over 40 years’ experience providing products and integrated surveillance solutions to law enforcement and government agencies. Surveillance capabilities include innovative audio, video, tracking, locating, covert surveillance solutions for land, airborne and special purpose applications.
Agencies depend on Cobham’s array of overt and covert surveillance equipment - using it to intercept, track, locate, monitor and record subjects ranging from vehicles and packages to people and high-profile infrastructures.

Product lines: Orion surveillance solutions; domo COFDM - video, audio telemetry & IP products; DTC audio/video covert surveillance products; GMS video products; Micromill tracking & sensors; and MMI cellular intercept.

Elmo Tech Inc.
May 3 Lunch Sponsor
Jim Walker
VP Sales and Marketing
Tel: 630-420-0901
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Fax: 630-420-1475
Web: www.elmotech.com

Elmo Tech Inc. is a global provider of leading presence and location verification technologies designed for monitoring individuals in the law enforcement, corrections, and security markets.

May 4 Lunch Sponsor
Susan Black
National Sales and Marketing Manager
Tel: 905-238-2256
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Panasonic has built a strong reputation as a leader in providing state-of-the-art technology to the Canadian market, including a full line of rugged and semi-rugged notebook computers. The TOUGHBOOK series are built for tough conditions. Engineered to withstand drops, spills, dust and dirt, TOUGHBOOK computers go where the user goes, ready to perform in spite of harsh environments and rough handling. TOUGHBOOK computers are designed to endure the demanding conditions of mobile professionals in fields that include law enforcement, military, utility and busy professionals on the go. Ruggedized features include a full or partial magnesium case 20 times stronger than ordinary plastic, a shock-mounted hard drive and sealed keyboards that resist the hazards of dirt, dust and spills. With super-long battery life, integrated wireless LAN and optional WAN, GPS capabilities and more, the ruggedized Panasonic TOUGHBOOK allows you to stay connected from anywhere. To learn more visit our web site at www.panasonic.ca.

VirTra Systems
May 3 Breakfast Sponsor
Spencer Stone
Business Director for Law Enforcement
Tel: 701-751-1355
Cell: 602-300-6671
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Web: www.virtrasystems.com


May 4 Breakfast Sponsor
Tom Hessen
VP Sales and Marketing
Tel: 571-748-5100 ext. 102
Fax: 571-748-3717
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Web: www.mediasolvcorp.com

MediaSolv Solutions Corporation is an internationally recognized leader in integrated Digital Evidence Management (iDEM) systems for federal, state and local law enforcement and immigration agencies and any public or private security agency involved in evidence gathering and management. MediaSolv™ has established its strong leadership position in the industry by developing a proprietary software suite that integrates digital evidence from multiple sources, to include video, audio, photo, and documentation. MediaSolv's flexible, scalable platform for digital evidence management allows users to ingest, store, search, view and later produce DVDs containing digital evidence. Law enforcement agencies need a comprehensive, flexible platform to manage the growing volume of digital evidence and demonstrate compliance with new mandates and regulations. Several major metropolitan law enforcement agencies use MediaSolv's products and solutions to improve their level of digital evidence management. Major system implementations in Chicago, Toronto and Washington, DC, demonstrate MediaSolv's market leadership.

Harley Davidson
Coffee Break Sponsor
Pat Kealey - Fleet Sales Manager
Tel: (613) 323-1682
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Web: www.deeley.com

Automotive Technology Group
Coffee Break Sponsor
Paul Zlatar
Tel: (905) 238-9933
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Web: www.automotivetechnologygroup.net

Accident Support Services International Ltd.
Steve Sanderson
Tel: (416) 745-3301
Fax: (416) 745-5555
Web: www.accsupport.com

Acrodex / Toshiba

Amin Velji
Client Manager
Tel: (416) 722-1550
Fax: (905) 752-2190
Web: www.acrodex.com

For over 25 years, Acrodex has been a leading provider of strategic IT services for Canadian business. Today, the company is one of Canada’s largest IT solution providers, and provides a full suite of IT services including: IT Architecture and Design, hardware provisioning, software licensing, network & server infrastructure, managed infrastructure support, application development and project management.

Acrodex customers include leading Police Services and Courts across the country, from British Columbia to PEI. The Acrodex team is comprised of over 600 dedicated IT professionals located in Edmonton, Calgary, Fort McMurray, Toronto, Winnipeg, Regina and Vancouver.

Advanced Public Safety
Jack Siney
Chief Operating Officer
Tel: (954) 354-3000
Fax: (954) 354-3001
Web: www.aps.us

Advanced Public Safety (APS), a Trimble Company (NASDAQ: TRMB), develops innovative technology solutions specifically designed to address the challenges of today’s public safety agencies.  APS focuses on developing applications that operate in conjunction with the mobile computers and handheld devices utilized by law enforcement, corrections, fire and EMS personnel.  The APS products work with each agency’s existing technology infrastructure to significantly increase officer safety and productivity.  The APS solutions include: e-Ticketing, Automated Crash Reporting and Diagramming, Field-Based Reporting (FBR), Voice Recognition, Audio Response, and Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL).

Airstar Canada Inc.
Michael St. Eve
Tel: (416) 919-9498
Web: www.airstarcanada.com

Airstar is the inventor and the world leader of lighting balloons, not only as a practical light for illumination but as the perfect light source for photography, safety lighting and search and rescue. Airstar sells and services across North America portable lighting systems which produces a powerful 360 degree light that eliminates shadows for a glare free environment for all field work. Lights deploy in minutes and can withstand almost any weather conditions.

Airstar continues to be committed to providing lighting solutions for Police, public safety and rescue services.


Astra Radio Communications
Helen Qu
Vice President
Tel: (714) 637-2828
Fax: (714) 637-2669
Web: www.arcmics.com

Astra Radio Communications is a leading manufacturer of speaker, surveillance, headset, and tactical microphones for two way radios.  They are used by law enforcement, security, military and hotel/casino staff. Our goal is to provide customers with high quality products at a competitive price.  Backed with innovative designs, ARC can accommodate all of your microphone needs.

If you would like more information on ARC Microphones, please review our website at www.ARCMICS.com, call (877) 881-5858, (714) 637-2828, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  We look forward to working with you.

California University of Pennsylvania
Charles P. Nemeth
Chair and Professor of Legal Studies
Tel: (724) 597-7400
Fax: (724) 597-7402
Web: www.calu.edu

California University of Pennsylvania (Cal U), offers ONLINE graduate and undergraduate programs in Legal Studies. The Master of Science in Legal Studies includes curriculum track options in Law & Public Policy, Homeland Security and Criminal Justice. Founded in 1852, Cal U, a Middles States accredited institution, is a proud member of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. VA Approved!


Cardiac Science Corporation
Donald Charbonneau
Distribution Account Manager, Canada
Tel: (425) 402-2000
Fax: (425) 402-2006
Web: www.cardiacscience.com

Cardiac Science is a global leader in the development, manufacture, and marketing of diagnostic and therapeutic cardiology products and services. We provide a full spectrum of cardiology products and services that help protect hearts and save lives, including:

Cardiac Science products are marketed under the Cardiac Science, Burdick, Powerheart, Quinton, and HeartCentrix brand names.

Cobham Surveillance

Harry Ullock
Tel: (902) 468-3007
Fax: (902) 468-3009
Web: www.cobham.com/surveillance

Cobham Surveillance has over 40 years' experience providing products and integrated surveillance solutions to law enforcement and government agencies. Surveillance capabilities include innovative audio, video, tracking, locating, covert surveillance solutions for land, airborne and special purpose applications.
Agencies depend on Cobham's array of overt and covert surveillance equipment - using it to intercept, track, locate, monitor and record subjects ranging from vehicles and packages to people and high-profile infrastructures.

Product lines: Orion surveillance solutions; domo COFDM - video, audio telemetry & IP products; DTC audio/video covert surveillance products; GMS video products; Micromill tracking & sensors; and MMI cellular intercept.


Doug Ferrara
Sales Manager
Tel: (801) 828-2724
Fax: (801) 998-3093
Web: www.crimereports.com

CrimeReports.com provides web-based crime mapping, alerting, and analytics tools to law enforcement agencies. Citizens can access official crime data through an online crime mapping application and receive free email alerts. CrimeReports.com also provides law enforcement agencies access to powerful crime analytics tools though Command Central, a web-based service that manages, tracks, and analyzes incident-level crime, providing relevant and detailed charts, graphs, maps, and other visualizations that support CompStat style analysis. CrimeReports.com is live with over 500 agencies nationwide and requires no additional infrastructure. At an affordable price, most agencies can be up and running in less than a day.

Cross Match Technologies Inc.
Tel: (561) 622-1650
Fax: (561) 622-9938
Web: www.crossmatch.com

Chris Kopp
Chief Executive Officer
Tel: (780) 469-6106
Fax: (780) 469-6156
Web: www.ctoms.ca

CTOMS’ goal is to provide the highest, unmatched quality of training and equipment in high threat environment casualty management for Law Enforcement Officers. Our training is tailored specifically to the end user, be it Patrol or Tactical Officer or Tactical Paramedic, and is based on the concepts of Tactical Combat Casualty Care incorporating our exclusive training methodology of a Human Performance in Combat Casualty Care. Our training teaches very realistic and practical trauma self-aid and buddy aid when an active threat still exists. Our equipment meets the demands of catastrophic injuries. We provide a comprehensive suite of training and equipment to increase officer survival in worst case scenarios.

Europol National Unit Canada

Annabelle Dubé - Liason Officer
Tel: (613) 993-8307 Fax: (613) 993-8309
Web: www.europol.europa.eu

Datrend Systems Inc.
Ron Evans
Tel: 1-800-667-6557 ext. 229
Fax: (604) 294-2355
Web: www.datrend.com

Datrend Systems Inc. is a Canadian company that has specialized in the business of Testing Equipment for the past 18 years. Started in 1991 by two electrical engineers, it has grown into a globally recognized and respected company within its field. Through innovative design and continuous adherence to quality, Datrend has been able to successfully manufacture a diverse range of cutting-edge test equipment that is being used everyday on a global level. Datrend now brings combined expertise in testings as well as in electricity to the law enforcement world with Verus One, a device that safely and economically tests conducted energy weapons.

Draganfy Innovations Inc.
Kevin Lauscher
Tel: 1 (306) 955-9907 ext. 6111
Fax: 1 (306) 955-9906
Web: www.draganfly.com

Draganfly Innovations Inc. creates machines that make a difference in the world. From flying outings in the park with our hobby line products to protecting emergency service personnel in dangerous situations via our high end, industrial platforms, we are constantly working towards delivering the best possible machines for our customers. Founded in 1998 by Zenon and Christine Dragan, Draganfly Innovations Inc. started as a small mail-order business specializing in radio controlled flying machines. We soon began selling our unique, four-rotor helicopter, the Draganflyer. The Draganflyer was originally designed to be an easy-to-fly, low-maintenance helicopter which evolved into a camera platform and was then refined into the professional videography apparatus it is today. Our Draganflyers are extremely sophisticated, high performance, yet easy-to-fly, affordable machines. To date, more than eight thousand Draganflyers have been sold worldwide. These machines can perform many operations including search and rescue assistance, construction site inspection, crime scene investigation, aerial observation, tactical observation, videography for music videos and photography for advertising and real estate.

DriveWise Safety
Lesley de Repentigny
President & CEO
Tel: (705) 730-1130
Web: www.drivewisesafety.com

Driven by innovation and the determination to develop high-quality, interactive training programs, DriveWise proudly remains Canada’s leading driver training provider. Established in 2004, DriveWise Canada specializes in the development, deployment and support of advanced learning solutions. The organization is comprised of two business units: Corporate and Commercial Services, and Private Motor Vehicle (PMV).

With advance training centres across the world, DriveWise has trained thousands of emergency management personnel (fire rescue, law enforcement and EMT) in safe driving techniques. DriveWise uses a proprietary learning model - Engage™ - developed exclusively by in house instructional designers. Engage™ combines interactive lectures, virtual simulations, e-learning and in-car training, ensuring participants gain the necessary skills to become competent, safe drivers.

Fenix Tactical
Alex Palen
VP of Sales
Tel: (416) 836-6240
Fax: (905) 286-1643
Web: www.fenixtactical.com

Fenix Canada manufactures, sells and exports a full line of professional and recreational flashlights. Product line includes military/tactical series, flashlights for outdoor activities, emergency lights for cars, boats, houses, and cottages. We offer lifetime warranty, competitive international shipping and flexible payment plans. Special programs for developing nations, military/police, government agencies and NGOs. Visit us at: www.fenixtactical.com for information about our latest products.

Our flashlights tested by international consumer and technical authorities and granted 5 star rating in all categories. Very powerful (handheld - up to 550 lumens, search lights - up to 5500 lumen), energy consuming lights made under strict military specs will never let you down. Fenix lights are standard issue at more than a dozen government organizations worldwide, includig Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Correction Services of Canada, Calgary Police Department, Ministry of Natural Resources of Ontario and many others.

You can depend on our lighting systems!

Future Security Technologies

Tony Dileo
Senior Tech Consultant
Tel: (416) 918-4432
Web: www.futuresecuritytech.com

With our roots based here in Toronto, Canada, Future Security Technologies Inc. has rapidly expanded its operations since inception in 2008.  We now have offices in Montreal, Vancouver, and New York to be able to better serve our loyal clientele right across North America, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Working daily with law enforcement officials, we strive to provide the most up to date products and services available today on the market.  Whether you require the latest in Security Product Technology, state of the art Global GPS Tracking services, Threat and Risk Assessment Consultation, Security Guard Training services, or the most recent in Encryption services, we have it all.  So whether you’re an individual, small business, or corporate enterprise, our experienced security consultants are here to serve you with confidence.  Personal safety for any individual is our biggest concern!

We look forward to assisting you and your loved ones in being the safest that you possibly can be!


Cynthia Weeden
Chief Executive Officer
Tel: (416) 675-7835
Web: www.futureshield.com

FutureShield Inc. was founded in Toronto, ON, Canada in 2005, on the premise that there is a strong need for domain expertise in integrating software solutions for security, emergency management, and critical infrastructure protection.  FutureShield combines years of software expertise within a process of: Prepare, Respond, Mitigate, Recover. During the first meeting, we work with our clients to understand where they are within the process and which tools they already have in place. Our complimentary consultation services help solve the problem of where to begin – and it is different for each customer scenario based upon potential threats (accidental and intentional) and assets to protect including people, process and property. Once the solution requirements are set, FutureShield organizes vendor presentations from our portfolio of pre evaluated and approved suppliers. In some cases, a single solution is all that is required and other cases require fully integrated solutions from leading vendors.


Human Systems Inc.

Ron Boothby
VP, Business Administration
Tel: (519) 836-5911 ext. 302
Fax: (519) 836-1722
Web: www.humansys.com

Humansystems (HSI) was founded in 1982 to provide Human Factors services to Canadian industry and government and specializes in the human side of technology for product or system development, procurement and upgrading.  We apply Human Factors methods and knowledge to integrate technology design with user needs to benefit both human performance and well-being. We also conduct literature, laboratory, simulator and field research for clients to understand and model critical areas of human effectiveness at the individual, team and organizational level.

Integrys Ltd.
Brian Flippance
Tel: (905) 502-2081
Fax: (905) 890-1959
Web: www.integrys.com

Integrys is proud to partner with Vigilant Video, North America’s premier supplier of Automatic License Plate Recognition systems to the Law Enforcement community.  Local installation and technical support of these types of systems is paramount, and this has been our business for over 50 years.  Our engineering staff participate in the customization, start-up and training to provide a smooth implementation and successful long term deployment.

Since 1959 Integrys and its parent company Allan Crawford Associates has brought premier technology from the world to Canadian markets.  Starting with electronic test equipment, market focus grew to include industrial control, embedded computing and vision systems.  Integrys’ Security and Law Enforcement Division partners with world leaders like Vigilant for mobile ALPR, Perceptics Inc. for fixed ALPR, RedSpeed Ltd for intersection safety camera systems and Rajant, Inc for first responder communications.

International Operations Branch

Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Staff Sergeant John Martone
European Desk Coordinator
Tel: (613) 949-2156 Fax: (613) 993-6440

International Peace Operations Branch

Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Staff Sergeant Gilles Déziel
Special Projects and Honours
Tel: (613) 990-2490 Fax: (613) 993-3522

Interpol Ottawa

Annabelle Dubé - Liason Officer
Tel: (613) 993-8307 Fax: (613) 993-8309
Web: www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/interpol

M.D. Charlton Co. Ltd.
Joe Martindale
Tel: (905) 625-9846
Fax: (905) 625-3538
Web: www.mdcharlton.ca

M.D. CHARLTON COMPANY is one of the largest law enforcement equipment distributors in Canada and is incorporated in the provinces of  British Columbia and Ontario. For over 30 years we have been providing our customers with quality equipment and honest, unexcelled service. Our head office is located in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, with a large warehouse, machine shop, and walk-in retail store. Other locations include a large retail store in Vancouver, BC, a warehouse and walk-in retail store in Mississauga, Ontario, with authorized dealers in Quebec and the Maritimes. In addition to our normal day to day sales, the company is contracted to do firearms training and firearms servicing with departments. We also contract out to major corporations to train for firearms for bear protection and for predator control. We provide training in the use of Chemical Munitions, O.C. (pepper spray), Distraction Devices and Specialty Impact Munitions, Taser and ASP.
We now offer high quality custom law enforcement clothing and workwear through our newest division, MDC Tactical Force Clothing located in Mississauga.

Malley Industries Inc.
Denis Gaudet
Manager, Business Development
Tel: 1 (877) 859-8591
Fax: 1 (877) 817-1745
Web: www.malleyindustries.com

Malley Industries is in the business of providing vehicle solutions to organizations and individuals that carry special commodities, whether transporting equipment, cargo or people. The company will produce more than 900 vehicle conversions in the coming year.

The company is a manufacturer and distributor of specialty vehicles, including: ambulances, a wide variety of commercial vehicle customization and component manufacturing, fleet upfitting, hazmat and rescue units, specialized police vehicles, mobile shelters, laboratories & command posts, and adaptive mobility conversions for persons with physical challenged. Established in 1979 as a family-owned business, Malley Industries Inc. currently employs over 60 skilled professionals and custom fabricators in five key areas; metal fabrication, woodworking & assembly, thermo vacuum forming, vehicle electronics and automotive upholstery. It has two commercial/industrial facilities located in the Greater Moncton area, totalling 45,000 square feet, both within close proximity to major roadways, air and rail links. We manage a relationship with more than 200 suppliers, of which approximately 50 are outside Canada.

Meggitt Training Systems Canada
Jean-Roch Garneau
Marketing Representative
Tel: (613) 271-8439
Fax: (613) 271-4337
Web: www.meggitttrainingsystems.com

Morpho Detection
Rob LaLonde
Canadian Sales Leader
Tel: (613) 294-0613

Morpho Detection’s MobileTrace™ delivers dependable, portable explosives detection supporting the mission of military and first responders. Reliable sensitivity and selectivity from a single sample Long-life battery for extended field use User-friendly color touch screen display Simultaneous explosives and narcotics detection capability Morpho Detection’s field-proven technology is used around the world at military installations, airports, border crossings, and other security checkpoints

NCI (Net Cyclops Inc.)
Marcel Gagnier
Director, Public Safety
Tel: (905) 607-9777 ext. 247
Web: www.nci.ca

NCI is Canada's premier full service provider of IT Security, Networking and Digital Forensics services and solutions, with major public and private sector clients around the world. NCI specializes in supporting Canada’s law enforcement agencies with two-factor authentication, digital forensics, and IT Security solutions and services. Our extensive portfolio of best-of-breed products ensures that our experts will deliver the ideal end-to-end business solution, maximizing the effectiveness of your technology investment and minimizing your organization’s risk. This dedication to our clients' needs, has resulted in a 98% client retention rate. Our digital forensics team provides recovery, forensic analysis, and data wiping services. The NCI Training Centre offers professional development and technology specific courses in IT Security. Our specialty is security. Our focus is service.

La force de NCI consiste à travailler avec les corps policiers du Canada pour leur besoins en authentification forte, forensiques numériques, et sécurité TI. NCI has offices in Mississauga, Montréal, and London Ontario.

OSL Solutions
Robert Koblovsky
Chief Executive Officer
Tel: (613) 288-0250
Fax: (613) 224-9722
Web: www.oslsolutions.com

OSL Solutions, provides a scheduling, HR management solution designed specifically for Police.

Automated Time and Attendance

  • Manage Complex Organization and Collective Bargaining Rules
  • Automated Employee Scheduling and Attendance management
  • Precise Leave and Accrual Management
  • Automate Vacancy Scheduling
  • Integrate with existing HR and Payroll systems

Human Resources

  • Comprehensive employee information management
  • Employee performance management
  • Detailed suite of reports 
  • Training/development skills management

Additional Features:
 Integrated Quarter Master / Inventory Control

  • Complete Training management feature
  • Web Module for easy employee access
  • Shift Commander Master Roster

Prefair, Imrico Ltd.

Marc Dorval
Tel: (450) 446-7060 x226
Fax: (450) 446-7523
Web: www.prefair.ca

Every year in Canada lives are lost needlessly as a result of people taking shortcuts across railway lines while going from their homes to activities such as school or jobs, shopping or fishing, or simply to the nearest coffee shop for a quick break. Come to our Transport Canada Railway Safety booth so you can learn how we can work in partnership to reduce risks, to save lives and to make your communities safer.

Priority Dispatch Corporation

Cheryl Collins
Regional Account Manager
Tel: 1 (800) 363-9127
Fax: (801) 363-9144
Web: www.prioritydispatch.net

Priority Dispatch Corp. (PDC) provides comprehensive, integrated solutions for Police, Fire and Medical emergency dispatching. We incorporate the National Academies of Emergency Dispatch approved Priority Dispatch System® in all our products. PDC offers multi-agency emergency dispatching ProQA® Software, as well as a card-set version, AQUA® quality improvement software, training, consulting, and Academy accreditation support.

Ask the right questions. Get the right answers. Send the best response.

Project Lifesaver International

Chief Gene Saunders
CEO and Founder
Tel: (757) 546-5502 ext. 107
Fax: (757) 546-5503
Web: www.projectlifesaver.org

Project Lifesaver is a Non-Profit 501(C) (3) Corporation with headquarters in Chesapeake, Virginia.  The organization began in April 1999 from the ranks of a Search and Rescue group affiliated with the Chesapeake Sheriff’s Office in Virginia, known as the 43rd Virginia Search and Rescue Organization.

Project Lifesaver works with public safety agencies to provide search and rescue training, procedures and equipment.  Project Lifesaver uses radio frequency technology to respond to incidents of missing persons with cognitive conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, autism, Down syndrome, and other conditions.
Training and equipping these agencies across the country has resulted in greatly improved capabilities to locate and rescue missing persons with cognitive conditions nationwide.  Before Project Lifesaver, searches across the country were averaging 9 hours and costing taxpayers approximately $1,500 per hour.  Many searches actually took days, with hundreds of responders, resulting in much higher costs and many with tragic endings. The average search time for Project Lifesaver agencies is approximately 30 minutes, with over 2,000 successful rescues to date.

The program has developed affiliate relationships with over 1,100 agencies (law enforcement, sheriff, fire, EMS and more) in 45 states, Canada and Australia.  Training is provided to each agency who adopts the program so they may begin to utilize the enhanced lifesaving procedures and equipment of the Project Lifesaver program.

Rescue 7 Inc

John Collie
Chief Executive Officer
Tel: (905) 474-0770
Fax: (905) 474-2724
Web: www.rescue7.net

It’s About Trust: That is why EMS, Police and Fire Services are teaming up with Rescue 7 Inc. to provide a turnkey emergency response programs for communities across Canada. Since 1998, Rescue 7 Inc. has been the Canadian Leader in assisting our clients in reducing incident rates, helping meet their statutory obligations and most importantly, saving lives. We aim to minimize risks and associated costs by providing quality and professional training and consulting services that foster the safest environment possible. Rescue 7 Inc. is federally certified through HRSDC (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada), Health Canada and the through the applicable WCB/WSIB. Our various First Aid, CPR and AED training courses all meet the Canadian Heart & Stroke Foundation (CHSF) Guidelines and are offered as bilingual training programs. We offer customized training programs, Safety Tracking Accountability & Reporting (STAR™) System, AED units and accessories to meet the specific needs of your environment. Rescue 7 Inc. is the exclusive first aid training company for the Ontario Provincial Police.


Rogers Wireless

Gregory Blackett
Corporate Marketing
Tel: (416) 935-3152
Web: www.rogers.com/wireless

Rogers Communications connects small businesses to customers, suppliers, partners and employees with fast and reliable wireless, telephone, Internet and TV services. Over 1.5 million business customers rely on Rogers for proven tools and the know how to help keep them connected. Our affordable services run on our proven networks, backed by 24/7 technical support.

Rotoconcept Robotics Inc.

Joanna Puchala
Business Affairs Manager
Tel: (905) 403-9292
Fax: 1 (866) 931-5026
Web: www.rotoconcept.com

Rotoconcept Robotics is a Canadian company based in Mississauga, Ontario. We focus on producing light, one-man portable tactical robotic platforms that allow teams to gain vital intelligence from a safe distance while guaranteeing the highest non line of sight wireless range on the market. We pride ourselves on innovation and understanding our clients' needs. With sophisticated software at their core, our robots are practical, easy to use and cost effective.

Royal Roads University

Shelley Langille
Director, Military, Security & College Relations
Tel: (250) 419-7740 ext. 2225
Fax: (250) 391-2623
Web: www.royalroads.ca

Royal Roads University delivers applied and professional programs to advance professionals in the workplace. We combine online learning with on-campus residencies so you can advance your education and continue to work. Faculty have academic credentials and relevant, real-world experience so students can immediately apply what they learn to their workplace. Royal Roads University delivers graduate and undergraduate degrees, certificates, diplomas, executive and custom education. The 2010 National Survey of Student Engagement, ranked Royal Roads University number one in active and collaborative learning, and academic challenge. Our flexible admission acknowledges academic, professional and life experience. For more information visit us at www.royalroads.ca

Sharp's Audio Visual

Ron Boyer
Account Manager
Tel: (905) 737-1940 ext. 2002
Web: www.sharpsav.com

Sharp's Audio Visual delivers a complete range of innovative audio visual solutions with class-leading professionalism and service. From enterprise-wide systems design and integration to rentals and staging, no one has more expertise than Sharp's. Since 1923 we've set the standard for innovation and service in the audio visual industry. Today, our national team is more than 300 strong. International corporations, public institutions, educators, NGOs and organizations in every industry – large and small – trust Sharp's knowledgeable professionals to deliver solutions with impact. Contact us at 403.255.4123 or visit us online at sharpsav.com.

Strath Craft Ltd.

Herb Curwain
Sales Representative
Tel: (905) 440-0399
Fax: (519) 686-8016
Web: www.strathcraft.com

Strath Craft Limited has been supplying recognition and award products for over 90 years. Our new website is unique to every police service organization, with online ordering, images and pricing. Our delivery for plaques is 5 days or less. Our ability to customize and manufacture products for every situation is second to none.  We are a Canadian Company and have full service graphics design capabilities for your assistance.  Don't forget to call us for promotional products as well.

TSL Aersospace Technologies Ltd.

Wes Armstrong
Tel: (905) 838-3156
Fax: (905) 838-2039
Web: www.tslaerospace.com

Having served our military customers for over 20 years, TSL Response Technologies Ltd. has teamed with one of the largest distributors of Police Equipment in North America. We now have the ability to provide a broader selection of body armour, masks, gloves, boots and equipment that is focused on Police and Security requirements.

The range of equipment in stock includes High Intensity Lights, Rifle Sights, Gun Cases, Crime Scene Kits, Tactical Gloves, Emergency Equipment, First Aid kits and much more.  There is a significant tool line we now carry. This features the Ogura battery powered rescue tools.

Westervelt College

Drew Gardiner
Admissions Manager
Tel: (519) 668-2000
Fax: (519) 668-1616
Web: www.westervelt.x2idea.net

Founded in 1885, Westervelt College is Canada's longest established College with more than 48,000 graduates, and is recognized as one of our country's foremost educational institutions.  Westervelt strives to educate tomorrow’s Police Officers through today’s students, by educating, empowering, and enriching them for a lifetime. Since 1995 Westervelt has been giving its Police Foundations students the tools for success. Today our campus houses the latest in classroom and lab technology and an up-to-date curriculum including hands on training in Defensive Tactics, Arrest Procedures, Evidence and Courtroom Procedures, etc.  Taught by 14 Police Officers combining over 200 years of Policing experience.


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Whelen designs and manufactures vehicular visual and audible warning equipment including LED strobe and halogen lightbars, beacons, power supplies, sirens and secondary lighting products. Whelen products are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

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